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Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Reward for Achieving Personal Goals

Good Morning Darlings,

Today one of my dedicated readers (who also happens to be a very very very old friend) has approached me with a very personal question, one in which I am completely honored to answer. At the end of May, she will have achieved two very personal, very exciting personal goals...Reaching her goal weight AND finishing her first year of law school (something that she has always aspired to do). She asks me, "How can I treat myself? What is something fun and fabulous that I can buy?"

Well of course ladies (and gents, Jesse I know your eyes are already in the back of your head), this is something that I cannot answer for everyone. But if I were in my fabulous reader's position, here are five things that I would contemplate treating myself with. Year one of Law school is supposed to be the toughest one. You have to prove yourself, make your mark, and try to find someone to hire you for no pay over the summer so that you can eat ramen all night and sweat through your (I can't even say it) SKIRT SUIT all day. These mini-lawyers are amazing. I don't know if I could do it. So the next five items are pretty big deals. I hope you enjoy, and please if you have any suggestions for our fearless and amazing lawyer to be, please indulge us!


I L O V E this green, AND the initials on it are one line away from our readers initials!

Call me crazy. I happen to love expensive bags. Actually by now you should realize that I love expensive everything. College in Boston gave me a whole new world view of all things Eurotrashychic because of all of the ET who go to college in Boston. This bag makes women all over the world turn their heads. This bag costs $1000. It is a tote bag. It is not a special bag, it is a bag for carrying your (law) school books and wallet, and gym clothes. But let me tell you what is special...The way you feel when you are carrying it. When you have this bag on your shoulder, your nose has no choice but to point up to the heavens. You stand up straighter when you are wearing this bag. The other thing about this bag is that it will never wear out. You will have it forever. So really when you think about it, if you are paying $200 every two years for a new Longchamp because the nylon keeps ripping, you may as well just buy a Goyard and have it last forever. The same goes for the LV neverfull, its a little bit less expensive, but EVERYONE has one. Buy a Goyard and don't regret it. 


Monte Carlo
Buy a plane ticket and go somewhere crazy. Go by yourself or with someone who admires you as much as I do. Do it like a backpacker or do it like a lady of luxury. Have fun, go crazy. Enjoy the newness of it all. It will refresh you for your second year of law school. Eat the food, go dancing, drink the wine, go shopping, get a tan, have a hangover, buy a diamond, get a tattoo. Revel in the fact that you are young and fabulous and can go wherever you want in the world and in life. Remind yourself daily how amazing you are before you leave the confines of your hotel. And if you do go to Monte Carlo, choose a number before you go and play it every day. 


No big schpiel about these. They look good on everybody and it's impossible to break them. Wear them on your fabulous trip.


Oh please, just because three paragraphs ago I am singing the phrases of a $1000 tote bag doesn't mean that I don't have a heart. Any time I find myself with a few extra dollars to spare, I donate to Action AIDs or AmFar. Every extra penny helps to fight the scientific and social fight that is AIDs in America. Now, I'm not saying that this should be everyones cause of choice...but find a charity you believe in and every time you donate to them, you feel like a million bucks and they are so happy to have your money! 

For our lawyer to be, donating to her Alma Mater (she's a Terrier) would be a great choice. I know that she loved her undergrad experience and loves to give back to that community. Hopefully one day, they will open a building in her honor and paint it with the Goyard chevron (Don't think I'm getting too serious on you). 


My personal favourites, spray roses and peonies. I'm a romantic at heart.
Order a years worth of flowers from Calyx Flowers and they send fresh flowers to your door on the first of each month. It's kind of like the fruit of the month club for people under 65 (Speaking of FOTMC, how about H&D filing chapter 11...Grandchildren everywhere are crying because now they actually have to think about what to get Grandma and Grandpa for Hanukkah). I think that it would be such a pleasant surprise to come home to this once a month. "Oh flowers?!? Pour moi?!" It reminds me of the scene in Clueless (everything reminds me of a scene in Clueless) when Cher starts sending herself Chocolates and Flowers to make the fabulous Christian fall in love with her. Ladies are you listening? That's why boys fall in love with you, not because you look like Alicia Silverstone or have a closet full of white collarless shirts from Fred Segal. 

If you really wanted to go balls to the wall (I take full responsibility for my wording) you could do this in conjunction with Wine of The Month club. Who needs a boyfriend when you've got a delivery man? (Although our readers boyfriend from what I can tell is pretty fabulous...he drove his truck to pick up a set of free weights from me in a snowstorm at like 7am. She is a lucky lady)

Anyway, EPB, I hope this helps in your search for fabulousness (not like YOU of all people need my help!) When you decide what to do, you'll have to guest blog about it!!



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  1. I love all of these suggestions and am so honored to be featured on this blog. As you know, I'm a HUGE fan.

    You never need to tell me twice to get a new bag! (I must admit, I have a soft spot for the classic LV. On a particularly low day, my sister observed my law school woes and promised me the LV of my choice when I graduate.) I'm in dire need of a vacation so I'm definitely shopping around for this option. I know I’ll be headed to the Fritze-family-farm, but maybe I’ll add something a little more beach-y. A new pair of sunglasses were actually on my list! I'd love to roll up to court this summer all stylish and mysterious... you know, freak out the opposition. Charity is always a great idea (I mull over the Cartier love bracelets that donate $ to charity, but the flimsy silk cord stresses me). I love helping people, and am always happy to give to any AIDS charity. And of course, who doesn’t love flowers? Or an of-the-month-club? What a beautiful way to start the month.

    I have lots of thinking to do! It’s bizarre I don’t already have anything in mind—I usually always want something. Of course, just the feeling of achieving your goals is wonderful. But I feel like I’ve earned something a little-extra special. And of course, I’ll keep you posted!

    Thanks you!!

    Ps: you are welcome to come skirt-suit shopping with me!