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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The 12 days of LCF

Good Morning Darlings,

Today on my way to work it hit me that in 6 days,  I in fact will turn 25. "Ho Hum," I thought to myself "What have I really done with these 25 years?"

While I have not become a CEO of an international company, a world renowned fashion designer or Axl Rose's wife, I have learned how to style my entire self quite well. Laugh all you want, but some people pay  lots of money to have someone tell them what to wear every morning. I am lucky enough to have been blessed with this talent (jack of all trades, master at none...except MAYBE this one) and I love it when people ask me for advice or line up on Van Pelt street when they hear I am having a purging session (I'm looking at you, twin). "So here's what I'll do," I thought, "I'll indulge myself in my followers in what I like to call fashion/food/vice."

What is fashion/food/vice? It is my way of packaging myself into twelve days. Twelve days of classic LCF  foods, fashions, and of course, vices.  Perhaps by the time I turn 35, we can remove the vice portion of this column.

Let's start today with Classic LCF

Starbucks, Venti Americano with half and half and 2 packets of the pink stuff

As far back as I can remember, this has been my drink. I care not to think about all of the money that I have spent on this beverage. I only care to think of it's four glorious shots of espresso that can singlehandedly get me through most every day.  And yes, I consider this not only one of the most important parts of my day but a part of my nutrient intake for the day. To me caffeine is just another essential antioxidant that goes into my body. I don't consider it a vice, I consider it a lifeline. 

Ray Ban Original Aviator

These have been my signature sunglass for almost ten years. It's true that I occasionally cheat on them with other glasses (these do not do a great job of hiding a seven martini night the next morning), but the aviators have been with me through thick and thin. I have lost and bought about four pairs, and each time  it's totally worth it. You can wear these sunnies with jeans and flip flops or a cocktail dress. They work for daytime and nighttime (cue Corey Hart). They look great with a tan and don't leave burn marks. They are carefree and easy. They may go in and out of fashion, but as I like to tell my mother

"When you have personal style, the trends have to catch up to you, not vice versa."


I am not condoning smoking. This is why it is in the vice section. But if you want a habit that turns your teeth and
fingernails yellow and gives you wrinkles...these are the way to go.

Ah, Gauloises Blondes. What can I say? They are fabulous cigarettes, not only because they taste good but because whenever you have them in public, other smokers envy you. You see, you can't get these babys in the states any more. France has stopped importing any kind of tobacco products to us. When someone is smoking a Gauloises, you know that they've been somewhere that you can get them. Now, this is not actually saying much because you can get them in just about every single duty free shop anywhere (and they are dirt cheap). But it's almost like having the newest Birkin bag. People wonder how you got it and who you know! I mean, I'm not really comparing cigarettes to Hermes. I would give up all cigarettes for the rest of my life for a Birkin. But in the mean time, I will stick with my Gauloises any time I can get my (cat) paws on them. 

And there you have it. The first day of LCF. Tomorrow look out for the second day of LCF...Glamorous . 



  1. You do have great personal style! I remember you had Uggs before anyone knew what a staple they'd become.

  2. Thanks Eleni! I love your style too! You have this great classic look and when I facebook stalk you, I get a little jealous!!