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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Olives Are A Girl's Best Friend, A Special Post by A Special Friend

Good Afternoon Darlings,

Today, we have a guest blogger and she is fabulous. Her name is Leah and she is a superwoman of a lady. A legal assistant by day, her nights include: being the only tattooed Step Mom on her block in Narberth, drinking wine with old friends (me!!!!), going to fabulous parties, and working her bootay off towards (yet another) degree! Magical, this woman is!!! Today she writes about her love of olives and riding boots. I've known our guest for quite some time and like yours truly, she does have some strange eating habits. I remember that she used to eat raw tofu by the brick while we sat in the park. There are really four things I associate with Leah, foodwise :

1. Tofu
2. Grilled Cheese
3. LadyBug Red Wine
4. Cigarettes

She and I also have discussed opening our own boutique, with all in house made clothing of course. We have a wonderful name for it, and if I told you what it was, it would take all the fun out, right? But if anyone is interested in financially backing 2 wonderfully awesome, fabulous and smart women, I'll tell them the name.

So I hope you enjoy this, I laughed out loud numerous times.

Do you enjoy this as much as I do? Well check out to see more!

Olives and I have a special relationship. I buy them by the jarful, sit with a spoon and devour every last little delectable bit of them. On a daily basis.

I mean, it’s bad. When I was a child, my mother had to hide them and dole out only 10-15 a day. When holidays would come around I had to be watched or I would single handedly eat both bowls of olives on the table for the guests and our meal. And these holiday olives weren’t any old olives; they were queen sized olives. I never got queen sized olives.

My name is Leah, and I have a problem.

As I grew older, I realized the true versatility of olives. I can bake them into bread. I can make them into a tapenade. I could (I’m sure if I tried hard enough and acquired the requisite knowledge) make oil from them. I can put them in vodka (Ketel One only please) and then eat them (I mean, for someone who’s addiction to olives is this bad and loves her martinis: It. Does. Not. Get. Better.). I need olives to live.

This is similar to how I need my Bandolino riding boots. Yes, they are not high fashion or even real leather, but I love these boots.

I found them online about 4 years ago. I had to have them. I had to have them so badly that I took New Jersey Public Transit to the Cherry Hill Mall to the Macy’s that had the last pair of 7.5s in the continental U.S.

Now, the brown is a bit faded and scuffed and I’ve had them re-heeled and re-soled at least once a season, but they are perfect. I can wear them under jeans, and they look great. I can wear them with a ruffle-y ultra-fem dress and they look smashing. I can wear them with a suit and pearls and be court appropriate. I can wear them with everything and I do.

Oh, and the shade of brown goes with olive green extremely well ;-)

So thank Leah the next time you see her!!!!!


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