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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The art of fashion at a sporting event

Good Morning Darlings,

Last night, via text, I received my first question for the blog.

It comes from Stacy M. from Santa Monica (I know, I've got readers all over the place!). Stacy asks,

"What does one wear to an NBA game?"

Well Stacy M., that is a great question and I just happen to know the answer (or my own personal 
answer) to that question because last night, I attended my first NBA game since high school! 

The thing is, for most sporting events it's rather easy to decide what to wear as the weather dictates it for you. 

MLB? Tank, bermudas, chucks, and a baseball hat!
NFL? Puffy jacket, flannel lined jeans (I know I know), Eskimo hat, and as many hand warmers as you can fit into your medium sized Longchamp.

But the NBA is a different beast entirely. It's a sport that goes from winter to spring, and it's indoors. Climate control. You have very few things to blame bad fashion on when a sporting event is indoors. But I believe there are a few rules that hold true for sporting events in general, so let's cover those first.

1. Heels are never appropriate. Ever.

2. Makeup should be kept to a minimum. This is not a fashion show. Or a club in Jersey.

3. If you want to rock the team spirit, more power to you, but seriously DO IT LIKE A MAN. The pink girls team attire is sickening and screams "I'm only here because I'm trying to impress a man." Dreadful.

4. The climate changes in a big stadium, sometimes it's hot, sometimes it's cold. Pretend you are going to San Francisco. Layer. Layer. Layer.

5. Wear something you don't mind spilling (very expensive, very watery) beer on. Why? Because it's going to happen. 

6. Make sure that your hair is not too big. I'm okay with big hair, I appreciate it and as a Jew, I embrace it myself. But you have only paid for a ticket for yourself, not yourself and your hair. If I can't see that hot piece of baller on the court because your hair is too big, I will probably be really upset...and I will probably find out where you live, come to your house, and steal your aquanet. So girls, put the aerosol can away and pick the flat iron up. Have a little respect for those who have to sit behind you all night. 

7. Make sure to cover those undereye circles cause you never know when you are going to see your face on the big screen in the middle of the stadium.

So what did I end up wearing last night? Nothing exciting. Just some old Sevens, a pair of fuschia patent tory burch flats, a black boat neck 3/4 sleeve cotton top, and an army green jacket. I accessorized with a big navy pashmina, minimal jewels, straight hair, and lots of mascara (but nothing else). 

I am more than happy to field your questions! Ask Away!!!



  1. this seriously made my day. Number 3 is a total must!! I hate the pink sports jerseys!

  2. Thanks Laur!!!

    Me too! And the pink hats! Just buy a real one!