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Friday, March 11, 2011

The 3rd Day of LCF

Hello Darlings

On this, the 3rd day of my narcissistic indulgence, I bring you extravagant LCF.


My mother is a carnivore. If she had been a dinosaur, she would have been the Adasaurus. They are about the same height and weight and they both are carnivorous. If my mother read this blog, at this point, she would say

 "I can't believe you are comparing me to a dinosaur this soon after you write about your love of pearls! Where did you come from?!?"

Now, while it's true that my mother and I are extremely close, there are certain things that we disagree on. For instance, she hates my pearls. She was a hippie. When she smells my chanel, she'll say things like

"When I was your age, I wore Patchouli and smoked pot." 

And I laugh and hug her, but on the inside I am very scared because nothing scares me more than the smell of Patchouli. Patchouli indicates lack of shower and possibly more body hair than I approve of and I am big on personal hygeiene. And although I don't necessarily condone following trends that don't appeal to you, the "trend" of shaved armpits in America dates back to a marketing campaign from 1915 beginning in Harpers Bazaar. I would say that is damn good marketing. 

I'm not joking around with this.

Okay, Okay I regress. Another thing that mom and I do not agree on is our cuts of meat. She loves her filet, while I think that it is probably the most flavorless, overrated cut of meat. I tend to go for the fattier things, you know - the bellys and such. But when it comes to a good steak...All I ever want is a big delicious NY Strip. I have had good ones and I have had bad ones. And let me tell you something --- the good ones are like heaven. I don't think there is any other food that I will pay more than 50 bucks to come to my table completely bare save for a sprig of parsley and a black handled knife. And darlings, I'm a purist, I like my steak rare to the point of almost bloody. I love the charred outside and the meaty raw inside. There is absolutely nothing like it. Give me a NY Strip and a bluecoat gimlet (half fresh lime, half Rose's in case you were wondering), and I'm your girl. If I ever have inside information, I hope the CIA is not reading this blog, because I will totally spill the beans for that perfect combo.


Hermes Scarves. They cost more than anything that will not keep you warm in December should cost. But they are the most beautiful pieces of art. When I wear mine, I feel like a million bucks. I never want to take it off. Hermes captures an elegant life within the confines of four "walls." The silk is incredible, and the designs make you want to jump into the scarves and live within the rippling waves or the luscious pastures. I think that every woman should have at least one of these in her lifetime. It's hard for me to verbalize the thrill you get when you wear one, but do me a favour...the next time you are near an Hermes, go in and just smell the aroma and feel the silk and then come back and tell me that you didn't almost spend your rent money on one of these gems.


style # U075055U
These are my extravagant vice. Clocking in at an appropriate $155/pair, these are definitely not the most expensive jeans out there. Buuut, I will date myself and say that when I started buying them they only cost $120. Inflation...well you know the rest. Jeans are one of those things that you wear often as an American. So it's not a big deal to spend the money because you know you will get so much wear out of them. These jeans fit me so well. I love the classic cut, the not too low waist, and the distinct ungaudiness of the back pocket. They are a vice only because they rip. The denim is not of the highest quality and after about 18 months of wear, you notice that first little worn down section...and then another...and then another. BUT they are so well fitting that I can't not buy them. I may have a problem..please help!!!



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