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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The 2nd Day of LCF



My most glamorous food love are oysters. Now, I wouldn't tend to consider oysters a glamorous food, especially considering how you have to open them and eat them. And I'm not talking any kind of oysters, I'm talking raw oysters (the only way to eat them in my opinion). I guess that any thing that may at some point involve a very spectacular pearl IS kinda glam, huh? Anyway, I could eat raw oysters for every meal of the day. There's a place in town and they have an Oyster Hour every M-F from 5-7 and Oysters are only ONE DOLLAH. And you can eat as many of them as you can for two whole hours. And they are just insanely delicious, briny, and satisfying. Sometimes, when I've had a few too many gimlets, I find it necessary to order a dozen oysters to go with whatever meal (or lack there of) that I am indulging in. 


Pearls. How I love pearls. A strand of pearls tells the world, "I don't need your silly trends, I know exactly who I am." People who know me know that it is indeed a rare occurrence when I am not adorned somehow with pearls. Some are real, yes, but many are faux. They are timeless. Pearl studs make your face glow even when you are feeling not so glow-y. Pearls go with that perfect little black dress, but they also go with a tank and jeans. Pearls are easy to find and they last a lifetime. You never have to worry about looking great, because they add that extra special something that really takes any look over the edge and into the realm of easy chic. Pearls also look great in singles or multiples. A fabulous multi-strand bib of pearls looks amazing on top of a simple black tutu dress, but so does a single strand. Perhaps it sounds silly to most, but pearls are probably one of the most utilitarian pieces in my wardrobe. Ladies, do yourself a favor and invest in a single strand and a pair of studs and tell me you don't feel just a little more like batting your eyelashes at the cute barista when you are wearing them. 



I hate to insist Sofia is a vice. But I suppose as it is alcoholic and it has spun me into one or a few nights of too much fun turning into too many tears, it has to be considered a vice. Now, this is not the best sparkling wine you will ever taste. That's not questionable. But it is probably the best sparkling wine you will ever taste to come out of a pink can. Complete with a pink straw. Just like an ecto cooler. But instead of Slimer, it has beautiful vines strewn across the packaging. It doesn't matter that it costs 10x what it should because of the's a conversation piece. People always want to know what you are drinking. It's way fun when you are at a house party and talking to a stud and they ask if you want another drink to say "Oh yea, if you wouldn't mind getting me another can of champagne from the icebox, and would you mind lighting my Gauloises while you're at it?"

tata for now. 


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  1. I agree with everything you said about pearls. Bill got me a new pair of studs and I never take them off because they make my face look better no matter what. Also, the other day I wore a sweater I've worn a billion times, but added a strand of pearls. Instant compliments.