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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The 5th day of LCF, 25 years after her birth, and 2055 years after Julius Caesar's untimely death

Good Morning Darlings.

Well here it is...the first morning of my 25th year. I just looked in the mirror and spotted some new undereye (I can only hope it's by Goyard) baggage. Buuut I can't decide if it is actually having to do with my descent into my late twenties or if the bags were caused by the (3) impromptu glasses of Tempranillo I imbibed in at midnight last night.

I share a birthday with some of the greatest pop culture figures of all time including: Mark McGrath (making a comeback on Celebrity Apprentice, good for him), Mark Hoppus (swooon), FABIO (swooning harder), Dee Snider (We all know how much I love the 80s hair situation), and of course good old Andrew "Old Hickory" Jackson, who according to my fairly checkered memory of 11th grade American History, did a lot of stuff, but nothing that really mattered and was fairly wishy washy on his views and actions. So, a lot like me! But Happy 244th Birthday to him!

And then of course there was Julius. He overshadows my birthday almost as much as Pi Day overshadows a March 14th baby. So sad for us.

So I thought that maybe instead of doing food/fashion/vice, which I will continue on and off from now on, I would just make a list of the twenty five things that I cannot live without (well, I'm sure I could live without them, but you understand what I mean...what I cannot live without relative to my life). I implore you to do one as well and share it with me and the readers!!!

1. Sushi - Not the nuvo fake sushi. I like my sushi with rice, seaweed, and fish. Once in a while, I'll get the spicy sauce. But come on. Fried sushi? It's not real. It's like McDonads sushi. And I also always make them make my rolls outside in, because I'm not really sure when every freaking roll became inside out, but when I started eating sushi at the ripe old age of 12 months, I can tell you that this was not the case.
2. Argon Oil - This stuff is incredible. I use in in my hair and on my skin. It is the stuff that dreams are made of. It takes the frizz away and makes your skin glow. It is light weight and smells so delicious. Even better is that all of the argan oil on the market today is made by a Women's cooperative in Morocco, and provides three million jobs annually to create a more equal workplace culture in Morocco.
3. Asian Supermarkets -  I can't imagine living somewhere void of Asian markets. They are the most interesting and useful places. Where else can you get a huge bag of baby bok choy for $1.29? I'll tell you where you cannot get it - the SuperFresh or the Shaws. Sure, you can get "exotic" vegetables, but be prepared to pay an exotic price as well. You can leave here with fresh (I'm talking heads being chopped off in front of you fresh) fish, sauces that you didn't know existed, a ton of fresh produce, and every kind of noodle you can imagine. And usually I get out of there for less than $50. For a weeks worth of groceries! I also love to check out the frozen section for frozen shumai and coconut ice pops!
4. Tory Burch Reva flats - Okay, okay. The big medallion is kind of icky. It screams logo whore and I understand that...but here's the thing. I live in the city. I don't like wearing sneakers often and I walk everywhere. In the winter, I wear boots - cowboy boots, riding boots, motorcycle boots...but in the spring, you want to look cute and be practical at the same time. Reva's are amazing. They have absolutely no support, but somehow they stay comfortable all day long. I walk 4 miles a day to and from work and I am none the sorer when I get home after wearing these babys all day. I have a pair in gold, a pair in black, and my new faves - the fuschia on fuschias.
5. Big Nylon Totes - I used to carry the big longchamp. But then they went and changed dimensions on me and I couldn't get back into the swing of things. So for a while there, I was without a tote...buut then one day my boss gave me this great big Tumi bag. AND IT WORKS. My gym stuff, lunch, and school books fit in it AT THE SAME TIME. It is a fabulous bag and I can't believe how easily it contains my life's contents. For a time, I was carrying an old Kate Spade diaper bag and that worked wonders as well.   I guess I just cannot be without big nylon totes. Nothing else fits everything!
6. Seltzer - There is absolutely nothing better than a huge glass of ice cold seltzer over crushed ice with half a lemon. Nothing.
7. Spanish Reds - Is there anything better than a Spanish red? A little Rioja, a little Tempranillo, a mix of a few varietals perhaps? They are tasty, cheap, and reminiscent of a place on the map where wine costs less than water and the clubs stay open until 7 am.
8. Havaianas - Rubber flip flops made chic. I am the first to admit that come April 1st, these little pieces of heaven are on my feet more than anything else. I love the versatility of a rubber flip flop and they are just so entirely comfortable. Yes, they are like 6x more expensive than the Old Navy ones...but I ask you to just try a pair once and see the difference. My suggestion is to order a pair of the mens tops, they have a thinner sole which I like.
9. Noxema - Tried and true. Works in winter and summer. Smells like a hospital, which is gross but kind of endearing as well.
10. Tennis/Zumba/Boxing/Pilates - This year, I have learned that the best medicine for whatever is ailing you is really working out. I love working out. I love the way it makes me feel while I'm doing it and after I'm done. I love the tiny bit of definition it has given to my otherwise doughy (but still lovable) physique. I am looking forward to the summer and to playing tennis on a more regular basis.
11. The Ocean  - The best beauty product.
12. Nivea Original Cream mixed with Loreal Sublime Bronze - This is my all over mixture, which I use every day in the winter to keep that certain bronzed look that I cannot live without. Nivea is my favourite lotion, I love the clean smell and the incredible thickness of the lotion itself. This only works at night before bed. You have to have an old robe that you don't mind getting a little messy with tanner. If you mix the two potions, (3 parts nivea, 1 part bronze),  and sit in your robe while watching Bethenny drinking margaritas or Mikey Isabella making meatballs, you will wake up in the morning feeling like a goddess like version of your best self. I promise.
13. Bluecoat Gimlets - A few years ago I traded in the dirty Sapphire martini for this little lady. I like mine with half roses and half fresh lime and I like it served in a coup. After three of these little ladies, I am flying high. They are best served with oysters or a really bloody piece of meat. But to be honest, I'll drink them with anything...or nothing at all!
14. Contemporary American Novels - Roth, Updike, Mailer, Wright...these are the men that keep the sanity going in my life...maybe because they were all so insane?
15. Vogue (aka The Bible) - Anna Wintour, Andre Leon Talley, and Grace Coddington. The team to beat in my opinion.
16. Maine Teen Camp - My first love. The most amazing place on the planet full of love, life, and laughter. There is no reason to grow up when you can stay young here forever.
17. My Ipod - Full of crazyness that keeps me going on my walk to work and on the weekends. Just to name a few items. If you want to know what I'm listening to right now --- just ASK!
18. Chanel No. 5 - My scent. The combination of no.5 and my ultimate vice, smokes, make me smell like a french prostitute. And that's the way I like it.°5-88109
19. OPI Big Apple Red - My nail colour.
20. Fake Eyelashes - I use fake eyelashes on all special occasions. I get them put on at MAC. Sometimes I ask to look like a drag queen and other times, like Kim Kardashian (okay, so there's not so much difference between the two). They do an amazing job and if you're really lucky, they will do your eye makeup too!
21. Adidas Sambas - My favourite kick around sneaks. Classic, but not too hip.
22. Fresh Sugar Rose Balm - A tinted kick of rose and mint. Leaves your lips feeling shiny, but not sticky and moist but not greasy. A definite must have.
23. Bain de Soleil - My favourite sun "protectant." It's orange gelee smell always reminds me of my mother and her fabulously tanned skin. Growing up, that was her scent. I can still imagine her in a sarong and bain de soleil. In the winters, I dab in behind my ears, just for a bit of the scent.
24. Capri Blue Candles - The scent is clean and refreshing, Aloha Orchid. They make your room smell like a little beach.
25. Friends - To all of the people who I have known and loved over the past 25 years, it will be hard to find a bunch as amazing as you in the next 25.


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  1. happy 25th birthday to the most fabulous lady around. I need to try the nivea trick. and visit my local asian grocery store. have a great day!