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Monday, February 14, 2011

In UnCelebration of Valentines Day

Here's when I like love. 

When it comes from Cartier.

Love is best when purchased 
Love is best with diamonds
Love is best when you can wear it around your wrist

Well let's be honest, the love bracelet is a classic piece. This one is made of platinum with diamonds. However, my personal favourite is the love bracelet made of rose gold. Rose gold in my absolute favourite metal. It has this fabulous feel of beautiful tradition, while still retaining the modern look of the piece. 

So in conclusion, every day can be Valentines Day thanks to the little red box. 

But I will leave this mini post with the anthem for VDay 2011. 

I know that I am behind on my dinner party post. I am going to upload the photos and write about it tonight. So sorry! But I will tell you that it was a smashing success! 

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