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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day One of A Life Sans Delicious Foods

Good Morning darlings,

Now, I love vegetables. I have never not loved vegetables. I love all the vegetables that most people hate. I have one friend who used to hide her lima beans in her milk glass at dinner, I used to order lima beans when we went out to dinner. One of my dearest cannot stand the smell of brussel sprouts, I would eat them raw. Broccoli and Bok Choy appear on my dinner plate five nights a week probably, and well I just love the sliminess of Okra (sometimes I feel like I should be drinking a HiC Ecto Cooler with it).

So the title of the blog is wrong, my life has not become void of delicious foods, it has just been deeply saddened by the loss of things like cheese, and olive oil, and avocado. Once I see how this "diet" is affecting my body, I will be able to make a more educated decision regarding whether or not a life without olive oil and avocado is really worth a more pronounced clavicle and a less than taut core. In fact, I'm really thinking about this as more of an experiment than a diet, per se.

My boss has this hugely expensive scale that measures four things: Lean Body Mass, Body Fat Mass, Body Mass Index, and percent body fat. Now that all of the experts have decided that BMI is pretty much BS, I don't pay much attention to that. I pay the most attention to my lean and fatty masses. So according to this scale, my body is 65% muscle, which is great because the average adult woman has only 30-40% muscle. So that is something that I am very proud of. However, I have been getting so frustrated lately because I am not losing any fat! This may have a teensy weensy bit to do with the copious amounts of red wine I have been drinking, but where else really do you expect me to get all of my antioxidants?

Anyway, this "experiment" will probably last until my birthday (except this weekend, the ladies are coming to town, and we are going to Barbuzzo and seriously how can you expect me to go there and not eat the Octopus? That would be torture of the worst kind).

What is it exactly you ask? Well it is called The McDougall Program. It is pretty much based upon living as clean a life as you can, which I am not doing to the fullest extent because I am not giving up drinking or smoking all together. I have cut down on the nicotine, but I still use it to get through long arduous classes and when I'm out and twitchy on the weekends. So sue me, I'm 24 years old. Basically I am not supposed to eat any meat, dairy, or fat of any kind. The meat and dairy parts are hard sure, but the fats is killing me.  No nuts, no avos, no sesame/chili/olive oil? I have to say that I am taking fish oil supplements (sorry Dr. McDougall)...mostly because I am afraid of what this diet is going to do to my hair/skin/nails. I am also taking copious amounts of vitamins to protect my joints from this experiment, along with the cold weather, along with my workout schedule. I take a vitapack (including multi, triflex, and fish oil) and 1500 mg of MSM in the morning, and flax oil and MSM again at night.

So what have I been eating? Yesterday I had 2 slices of ultrafiber toast with a banana smashed on them for breakfast, an apple and an orange, 2 small baked potatoes with corn and black beans and mushrooms,  a banana pre-workout, wholewheat pasta with homemade primavera sauce for dinner. I also am sneaking  4 shots of espresso with soymilk in the morning, but am drinking ridiculous amounts of green and hibiscus tea throughout the day...

Speaking of which --- have any of you tried hibiscus tea? It is my absolute fave. 

A. It is hot pink
B. It is known to reduce blood pressure, which is an awesome thing if you are born into the Fox family.
C. It tastes great and it really flushes you out. 

I buy mine at Wegmans, The Republic of Tea makes it: 

I take mine 2 bags at a time, in a big 16oz mug with the juice of one lemon (or if you are feeling really special, a meyer lemon). A nice after dinner treat. It also tastes great iced! 

Well I guess that's it for now. I will keep you updated!


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