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Thursday, February 10, 2011


My darlings,

If you are reading this, welcome! I think that this will become my daily/weekly/monthly sounding board for all things food, fashion, and nonsense related. What gives me the authority to talk about these things? Well nothing really, aside from my bank account crushing love of fashion and my waistline expanding love of food...And really, although I have had formal education in both areas, I believe that the action of loving something gives anyone authority on the subject.

And if you think about it, fashion and food are not so far apart from each other. They both require risk taking, creativity, and love on the part of those producing the products as well as those consuming the products.

It's kind of a strange time for me to start a blog about food, however, because starting Monday I will be embracing a low fat vegan lifestyle for about six weeks in order to jump start my body a little bit. She is getting a little weary in the snow and ice covered city this winter, and needs a little kick in the butt. So, I'm starting this project. An experiment on my body, if you will. It's called the McDougall Program. I figure, why not? And you now get to experience it with me!!!

My other passions in life are dancing (I Zumba, West African, and Ballet), tennis (I'm awful, but I love it), and Bravo.

Right now, I am obsessing over these glasses (well this website in general)

they are from this great website:

The website donates a pair of glasses to kids who can't afford them in our country and many others for every pair of glasses that you buy!!! It's really awesome. They also have this great program where they will send you up to five pairs of glasses for free (credit card authorization required, no dummies here) to try on at home before you buy them!! What a fabulous idea. 

And, I'm not sure that I mentioned the best part: All of the glasses cost a mere 95 bones. INCLUDING PRESCRIPTION!  Completely unreal. I'm waiting for mine in the mail, and every day I go down to the doorman to ask if they are here (I should really apologize to him, I get a little sassy when he tells me they aren't here yet). 

Watch out tomorrow for my final dinner party post pre McDougall. 

xoxo LCF


  1. Oh I've been waiting for this day for a long time (well, by a long time, I mean since I've known you)! I knew you would some day write a fabulous blog and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us! Perhaps a fish stick taco recipe??

  2. Casey!

    I hope that I will not disapoint and that you will get a little chuckle out of it every once in a while. I miss you so much. We should plan a phone date with a bottle of wine on each end.