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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fashion Wednesdays

Hello Darlings,

Wednesdays are so good, are they not? They give you hope that the weekend is actually on it's way, while still giving you plenty of time to work through the pile of papers that is growing on your desk while you are busy (ahem) blogging or finding new shoes to wear on said weekend.

It's true that I like to start planning my wardrobe for the weekend on Wednesdays (if I know what I'm doing of course, {For every particular social outing, there is a particular wardrobe choice}).

It's also true that for the most part during the winter, I can be seen in something of a uniform --
Blazer and skinny jeans and boots, or leggings and boots during the week.
Mini dress, tights, blazer, and heels during the weekend nights.
Jeans, a man's oxford, a blazer, and chucks on the weekend days.

It's pretty bad news that I have become so gosh darn predictable. 
But it's too darn cold for anything else. 
Some days I get home and walk around the house in espadrilles and sundresses. 
I get so sad looking at my cork wedges and linens -- sometimes on really dark days, I whisper to them "Don't worry, we'll get you out of this dark and dusty closet soon." 

Did you see a recurring theme before the sidebar so rudely interjected? Somebody needs to get me out of this blazer situation. I have been collecting blazers since Isaac Mizrahi put out his first Target collection in 2003. He had the most amazing hot pink corduroy blazer with round wooden buttons. I saw it in Vogue (anymore Isaac for Target is a little too lowbrow...but when it first came out, it flipped the industry over) and I remember that I made my ex-boyfriend come pick me up early from soccer practice (I managed the boys soccer team for all four years of highschool) so that we could drive to New Jersey so that I could buy it before it sold out. I still have it. 
After that it was all over.

 I love blazers more than I love anything.
Blazers are a godsend.
Blazers make you look hot when everything else makes you look fat.
Blazers make you feel powerful when everything else makes you feel like the assistant that you are.
Blazers are the rose colored glasses of apparel.
Everything is better in a blazer.

I've got black blazers, seersucker blazers, wool blazers, plaid blazers, blazers with piping, blazers with velvet, blazers with gold buttons and blazers with no buttons. 

Have you noticed something missing? 

Because this morning I did. 

I need a leather blazer. 
How could this item have escaped me for so many years?

And so I searched, and I found the leather blazer of my dreams. 

I think that the rosettes below the lapel really give it a more feminine look than most leather blazers can achieve. I love the seaming and the rounded lapels and well, I really think that Giorgio has outdone himself this time. And if anyone knows leather, I think it's Giorgio.

So, I'm turning 25 next month and here's the link 
Use those two pieces of information however you see fit. 

Anyway, since I got off on that tangent, I will save the weekend wardrobe update for tommorow. Tonight, the dinner party goes up. Promise.


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