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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wawa on Passover

Good Morning Darlings,

First of all, I'm sorry for being MIA for the past few days. I have been busy with passover and extended family and cooking and going to the orthopedic surgeon (btw, my kneecap is loose and apparently I have to strengthen my quad muscles, which if you have ever seen my legs is pretty ridic, because I have as my loving husband calls them, legs of steel. {not really what you imagine growing up} and I'm not supposed to wear high heels, which obviously is not going to happen.)

In the interim a few things have happened, I ate a turkey hoagie from wawa yesterday and I felt guilty about it before, during, and after. You see, I don't keep kosher at all during the year. The idea of not being able to eat lobster or cured spanish meats really upsets me and I happen to believe that the whole thing is rather Archaic...but I understand why people do it. It's just not for me. But usually I do keep kosher during passover and don't eat bread or cured meats or lobster. But it's a week and if I can be a vegan for a week, I can surely be kosher for a week. If you want to read more about being kosher for passover in simpler terms, you can click here:

But in general, I love passover food. I think my favourite thing on passover is gefilte fish. I actually eat it all year round, but most people think that this is very strange. Yesterday  I was on the phone with my bff (whilst having the most difficult time one could have at the Wawa electronic kiosk. Who knew there were so many options these days? NO  I do not want a "prime rib sandwich" from Wawa. Wawa should really stick to what it knows...turkey hoagies during the day and cheese and mayo hoagies with a side of blue jello squares at 2 am) he thought that it was really strange that I love gefilte fish so much. I don't understand why he would think that. I mean, I like a lot of weird foods, and I guess I take for granted that most people already know that.

This has got to be from the Martha Stewart Passover Special

Oh, Gentile friend, what is that you say? You don't know what Gefilte fish is? Well, let me enlighten you. Essentially, gefilte fish is fish sausage. It is ground fish (Pike, whitefish, and/or carp usually) mixed with matzoh meal and eggs seasoned with either sugar or salt (this is a long story that my bubby used to tell and to be honest I don't really remember but I'm sure it had something to do with the old country). It is traditionally eaten with aspic, a cooked carrot (ugh, one of my least favourite foods) and horseradish (!!!). My bubby and my grandmother's mothers both used to make it from scratch with live fish. I have heard so many stories about fish swimming in the bathtub on the days before Passover that I could probably write a 13 episode sitcom about it. Back in those days (you know which days I'm talking about, the good old ones), the women not only cooked, but butchered as well. I happen to love butchering and although I have never been hunting, I look forward to the day that I can actually hunt, kill, dress, and cook something. However, I'm not sure I would want to be around myself with a gun...just yesterday I got my ipod stuck in my hair (ugh the lioness roars) and it fell to the ground and smashed. So, a gun would probably create even more dreadful results if it got stuck in the mane. Anyway, these days (the not so good old ones) you usually buy gefilte fish in a jar or a can from the kosher aisle of the supermarket and the cashier always gives you a look of disgust when you purchase it. It's kind of like a fishy fruitcake. People either love it or they hate it. And let me tell you what, at least gefilte fish doesn't have those weird green cherries in it...although it could be an interesting experiment to mix the two.

Go out and buy some and try it for yourself. Don't forget the KELCHNERSSS

I also happen to love Jewish cats, so I got really excited for this photo:

I just found this on google. I wanted to share the laughs.   

Also, because I like matzoh and the village people and my fellow tribe members:

From L to R, Stacy M (honorary), Lyndsey F, Jesse R (he's always the center of attention), Leah S., Eleni B. (Also honorary, she's Greek which is completely more fabulous) and Scott F (my dad)  



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