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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kate Spade

Good Morning Darlings (again!),

This time of year, what with the birds chirping and the cool mornings and hot afternoons always reminds me of working at Kate Spade on Newbury. Now, don't get me wrong, I have loved KS since I was a wee one, but my time working at the boutique was just incredible because I met so many incredible women. We all loathed our boss, so we had that in common, but we also all wished for the time when women dressed to leave the house (as I write this, I am sitting in ripped jeans, a bleach stained tee, and sambas), and when people took time to eat a meal. We all loved working with each other and oohing and ahhing when new products came in. We bought each other coffee, rubbed each others backs when we were having rough days, and went out for drinks after work at little bistros. We talked old Kate, Liberty of London (BEFORE target reinvented it), our favourite china patterns and our mutual love of Calypso ( sales. The girls at KS were such a wonderful group and around this time of year, I miss them all sooo much. So in honour of them, I am going to find my favourite KS picks for the spring summer!

"Postcard Bangle" $128

This, IMHO, is the mosts perfect piece of summer jewelry. You kind of feel like you are sitting on the beach in Atlantic City c. 1921. If I wasn't about to embark on a longish trip to europe/israel/moving, I would probably break down and buy this. But if one of you is not traveling or moving, please buy it and let me wear it sometimes. 

"Kissing Frogs Belt" $125
I cannot help myself. I have an addiction to all things animal and bedazzled. I have a tiger bracelet, a fox head ring, and I think that this would be the perfect addition...Although I have to say that Kenneth Jay Lane used to design jewels for KS, way back when before LCI came into the picture. And I think that LCI may be overstepping their boundaries a little bit with this one. It could totally be a KJL, if he were to start making belts. So I'm of two minds in this case. But it doesn't change the fact that it is insanely fabulous.

"Tropica Jocelyn" $325

Oh. My. Bjork. What an amazing bag. This shape is actually fabulous  because you can wear it as a clutch or as a wrist bag. This is an insane situation and you could really wear it with anything and everything. Buy it now. 

There are so many good things to be had from KS this year. Go check it out! Everything is just so beautiful. 


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