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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Packing for a weekend trip in the age of global warming.

Good Morning darlings,

First of all, I just have to say that I was taken aback by all of the positivity and love that was thrown my way yesterday. It was amazing and really made my day.

Flying away for the weekend is so glam, sometimes I just cannot handle my jetset lifestyle.

Something else that makes my day is going to New England tomorrow. I am so excited to see so many of the people who are so important to me in one place. Boston and Maine. So I'll be in Boston for a few hours tomorrow and I get to see one of my former campers who is now a fabulous grownup living in my old hood in Beantown. I'm excited to see her and hit up my favourite old coffee shop (Espresso Royale, In college, I spent many hours reading, writing, and people watching there. It's strange, every time I go back to Boston and go into ERC, I see someone I know....from college, highschool, whatever. It is really the ONLY place in Boston to get decent bagels, and they have everything whole wheat bagels, which makes my heart pitterpatter.

AND THEN we are going to wagamama, which for those of you who don't know...GO NOW. It is this amazing noodle bar with communal seating. The food is so amazing and they have a juice bar. The only problem is that the juice is served warm, which is kind of disgusting. But I still drink it. I don't know why. It's always so tempting and delicious looking and I always order one and it's always warm, but then I decide that since I paid $5 for it, I should probably drink it for the vitamins sake. But beside the juice situation, they have great food. AND it's in the pru RIGHT NEXT TO SAKS. So that's a plus for my wardrobe, but a minus for my Saks card / house-buying potential.

This is what I will have to use all of my selfcontrol to not buy tomorrow. Can you even stand them?!!?

AND THEN I am meeting my old roomies and we are driving up to Maine  -- rural Maine for a baby shower!!! It's so exciting when your friends have babies because then you are off the hook for a while longer. Anyway this womb will not be carrying a baby any time least not until this central nervous system learns how to control the hand to wallet to cashier motion. I mean, that IS something you learn in your twenties, right? But the baby mama and papa are two of the most amazing people in the whole wide world and will make the absolute best parents. AND I really REALLY REALLY Mean it. Like, completely more than anything. So going to their baby shower is just going to be fabulous. AND I mean, it's a barbeque. So it's even better.

We were a 'perfect poker hand' for a P party. Nicky is only half in the picture. Blargh.

AND did I mention that lots of my besties are going to be there? And we are going to have a wonderful time? And reminisce and look to the future and make silly plans and sing along to songs that we all know and love and stay up too late and laugh and cry and have so much fun that none of us will want to go home and will probably go through some sort of post-maine depression.

Anyway, the big situation is that I'm flying and refuse to check my bag (I'm going for 36 hours). I checked the weather and it is going to be 61 degrees in Maine on Saturday. But really, I am guessing it will feel closer to 49 or something. But who knows? It could snow. The last time I was in Maine in April, it was two months before my wedding in 2008 and there were 7 foot snow banks on the ground. I was about to get a little bridezilla, but I restrained. But I refuse to bring boots. Why?


I don't wear boots in April, I wear cute satin flats in April. But I don't want to ruin them. So it's a dilemma of epic proportions.

I'm wearing a dress to the shower. And I'm going to bear my legs. But I feel like pumps are more appropriate for the weather than peep toes, which is what I would normally do in April. Also, I should probably bring my uggs, cause we all know how cold it is going to get at night. And if we go out in Portland, I can't really be dressed up because that's just not really what people do. So I need jeans. And chucks probably. And a blazer, which I'm obviously going to wear on the plane anyway. So yes. Plane outfit.

My dress. It's my fave.

My friends used to make fun of me for getting dressed to go to the airport. But I always said, "you never know who you are going to run into at the airport," which probably holds true for LAX and JFK but probably not Philadelphia International.

So I will wear stovepipe indigo jeans, fuschia tb's (I would wear wedges, but I have to navigate the t when i get to boston), a schoolboy blazer, and probably the big tumi bag. OH and of course my traveling sunglasses, which are huge and black and really just block everyone else from seeing me cry when the plane takes off...Oh yea, I'm that girl.

But also the whole liquid situation is crazy when you aren't checking a bag. It's like come on guys. I have so many potions and lotions that I can't really do without especially when going to a different atmosphere.

Like how about my morrocan oil for my hair, my argan oil for my skin, my nivea creme for my hands, my nivea lotion for my body, my shampoo, my conditioner, my chanel...Well I guess you get the point. Traveling is such a P in the A these days.

But that of course is not even close to how amazing it will be to see my ladies.



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